ARAH SUKMA SDN BHD recognizes thats all of its employees are the most valuable assets, it therefore strives to help its personnel for their own health, identifying and preventing ergonomic disorders and protecting against occupational disease and illness by providing a workspace which protects Arah Sukma's employee, contractors and the surrounding community. The responsibilities for health are shared between the individual and the Company. We therefore adhere to the following:

  • Compliance to national statutory requirements in the employment of personnel.
  • By constant reviews, providing a safe working environment.
  • Compliance to national statutory laws in the operations of company equipment especially in the operations of company transport fleet.
  • Regular maintenance of company vehicles as recommended by manufacturers.
  • Ensuring/ equipping vehicle with necessary safety equipment and harness.
  • Regular medical review of drivers in the employment of the company.
  • Issuing of protective clothing and safety equipment offer employees for the appropriate function.
  • Systematic training in their respective area of employment.
  • Comprehensive Life, Accident and Hospitalization coverage supported by company and staff.
  • Programming personnel in vendors safety programme exposure of staff to Dangerous Goods Awareness and hazardous cargo, D.G(Air), Explosive driver training(singapore)
  • Investigating failure, incidents and accidents to determine root cause and remedial action.

ARAH SUKMA SDN BHD is committed to a policy of protection of the sustainable environment in all its activities, which shall be demonstrated by satisfying the statutory rules and regulations and customers environmental requirements, when apply to our business in this respect we comply to:

  • All national and local statutory laws and regulation in conduct of our business.
  • Compliance to all employment regulation in respect of recruitment, employment terms.
  • We support all local activities in our operating environment .
  • We encourage the growth of the transport industry in the environment by ensuring sub-contracting is farmed out to local vendors.
  • Senior Management is constantly reminded on the need to be aware and operate with the local laws & regulations and ensure protecting the environment for safe and sustainable growth
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